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Where's The Pulpit?

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Pastor Matt, why don't you stand behind the pulpit up on the stage?



If I stand that far up, I can't see anyone.  And if I can't see you, I am not able to wake you up when you fall asleep during one of my less than exciting sermons.


No seriously, I cant see. If you sit in the back, you are mostly a blur to me.  So, go ahead and make faces at me.  I don't care (unless you are in the front row....I CAN'T SEE YOU!!!!)


Ok, ok now I'll tell you the real reason why I'm not "up on top."


In this day and age people have this idea that preachers preach down to their audiences.  People see preachers as a person who stands up on his lofty pillar and looks down at the less spiritual in their congregation. 




I'm a sinner, you're a sinner (yeah you...can't you see my finger pointing down at you!....just kidding), we are all sinners. 


If the lost have a tendency to see me in a way that says I'm preaching down to them, than I want to remove that from them.  I don’t want to be seen that way.  I am a man called by God to teach His Words but I am also a man called by God to walk alongside fellow believers in Jesus. 


Don't put me on a pedestal.  Put Jesus on the pedestal!


In conclusion, I stand on the floor and walk around when I preach because I want to relate the Word of God to you.  It is like we are in a conversation about the things of God.  I'm conversing with you and I'm also conversing with myself because I need to hear what I'm saying too.