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August 20, 2005
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Sermon Outline

“Jesus is There”

August 21, 2005.  Pastor Matt


The Temple


-         It was the one place people had to go to worship God

o       One temple for one true God

-         they could not communicate directly to Him

o       had to go through  the priest

o       priest wore a device over his heart to determine God’s will

o       priest could only go into the presence of God one time a year

-         the curtain between the holy place and most holy place

o       separation between us and God...examples of times in the Bible where God's holiness is evident:

        moses on the mountain

        moses and the burning bush

        the ark of the covenant

        someone touched it and they died

o       God is Holy and He cannot be were sin is

o       Priests wore bells and it was believed that they had a rope tied around their ankle in the event that sin was on their heart and they died in the presence of God 

-         The altar of burnt offering

o       People would offer sacrifices to God as payment for their sins

o       God requires blood to be shed for the payment of sin

o       Blood would be sprinkled on the curtain, on the corners of the altar of incense and on the altar itself.  (blood was everywhere)


Matthew 27:45-51  Jesus’ death on the Cross

(51) at that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom

When the curtain was torn, it was evident that God no longer physically dwelled in the tabernacle but became available to live within people's hearts

Hebrews 10:1-4. 

(1) The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming, not the realities themselves

-         They had to keep sacrificing to maintain their good standing with God

Hebrews 10:8-10

-         Jesus’ sacrifice was once and for all

-         His way of doing things takes the place of the sacrifices




Why does all this matter?


His death changed how we relate to God


Unlike the Old Testament people, we can have a personal relationship with God?


No longer do we have to go through a priest

No longer do we have to “earn” our salvation (through sacrifices/works, good deeds/Mizpah)


Jesus died for our sins and He wants us to know that He is there for you in a very close and personal way


Many people believe in what Jesus did, but they still keep their distance

Many people see Jesus as that distant uncle who sends gifts at Christmas


If that is how you see Jesus, you are missing it.

Let me share how Jesus is there for you.


Matthew 28:16-20


(20) I am with you always, to the very end of the age


The first church was going to be without their Savior


They were being sent on a mission to reach the world with Jesus


But Jesus basically tells them not to worry because He will still be there with them


According to John 14:17, when we put our faith in Jesus, He comes to live in us


As believers, Jesus is always there inside us!


The disciples would no longer have Jesus physically with them, but He would still be there.


Jesus changed the way He was going to interact with His people. 

At one time they had to go to the temple. 

Then He walked and talked with them

Then He was is in them (as He is in us). 

It is a multiplication of God’s power and presence. 


We cannot see Jesus, but we can sense His presence, hear His voice, and see His work all around us.  He is there with us as individuals.  If we have chosen to believe in Jesus, He has a personal relationship with every one of us.

Think of Him as your big brother or a close friend.  He’s got your back.


Not too long ago, Jesus told His disciples of His coming death.  He reminds them Who He is


John 14:12-14.  you will do greater things than Jesus did


…In His name…


They could/ we can pray as He prayed and see amazing things happen in their lives as long as they pray for the kinds of things He would pray for


You are not the one with the ability but He is.  He is big brother.  You are just along for the ride.


Matthew 18:20


Instructions on church discipline.  When we discipline, we are to do it as Jesus would.  


When we do things in Jesus’ name, He is there seeing it through, guiding it



The Christian life is meant to be walked as if Jesus is walking with you, actually guiding you. 


God is not a distant God.  He is right there.


Take a minute and look to your right or left. See an empty spot, and realize Jesus is sitting next to you, He has His hand on your shoulder, He’s outside the door of your heart, He’s whispering in your ear,


He has His arm around you as real as I can have my arm around my brother



If you do not sense that Jesus is there walking with you, I want you to ask yourself something.


Is there sin in my life?  Just as there could be no sin in the temple, when we sin we can not be in His presence.  God cannot be where sin is.  He is still there, but it as if He left the room.


Have you ever said the wrong thing to someone you care about and have them walk out of the room.  How did you feel?  How do you still feel?  When we have wronged someone, all we usually need to do is go to that person and ask their forgiveness.  Same thing with Jesus.


Just say, “Jesus I’m sorry”


Just as the prodigal son was welcomed back with compassion and open arms, Jesus will welcome you back with compassion and open arms when you turn back to Him and repent. 


Luke 15:11-24.  The Prodigal Son is welcomed back with open arms



Don’t ignore your savior. 

Spend time with Him. 

Have a relationship with Him. 

Return to Him




Do you need to have a personal relationship with Him?  You need to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with you. 


Jesus needs to be more than a thought to you


Do you need to repent of some sin in your life that is keeping you from being close with Jesus?  He is waiting with open arms.


If God seems distant to you, I am strongly going to suggest you take some time to reconnect with Him this morning.  Look Him in the eyes and let Him back into your life.