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Bulletin for August 20th, 2006
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Welcome to Westwood!  Sunday, August 20th, 2006


If you are visiting with us, we are glad you are here!  It would be an honor if you would fill out a welcome card that is in the visitor’s packet and place it in the box located near the back of the room.


In case you were wondering, August 20th is National Lemonade Day.


Every Sunday morning from 10:15-10:30.  Location: Pastor Matt’s office.  Join us for a time of prayer specifically for the morning service.


Monday.  Mazie Phillips’ Birthday                          Wednesday.   Joanne Martin’s Birthday

Linda Leonard’s Birthday


Every Wednesday Night from 8:15-9 pm. Worship Team Practice.  If you like to sing, can play an instrument, our would like to help with behind the scenes stuff (sound board, set-up and tear down, etc.) join us immediately following Bible Study.


JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Friday August 25th from 5-9pm is our next church maintenance day.  Join us as we work on the children’s church area and add some finishing touches to the new sanctuary.


Monday, August 28th, from 6:30-8:30pm there will be a deacons’ meeting.


Until further notice, Prayer & Planning meetings have been cancelled. 

If you feel God is calling you to serve our church in some capacity, please contact one of the following team leaders:


Building and Grounds Maintenance.  It takes a lot of people to maintain our large building and the yard.  If you are knack for fixing, building, renovating, or helping, we can use you!  Call Charlie (330- 698-3103) or Leonard (330-567-2420).


Worship team.  Our church is looking for people who can genuinely worship our Lord.  You don’t have to be the best singer or musician but you do have to love God and want to express that love through our time of worship.  The following positions are also available; sound booth, PowerPoint, video/ multimedia presentations, and special music.  Contact Mandy if you want to help.  (330-264-5826)  


Ladies Quilting Group.  Join the ladies as they use quilting to be a blessing to those in our community and abroad.  This group meets the second Wednesday of every month at Helen Lewis’ House.  If you have questions or need directions, give Helen a call at 330-345-7180.


If you want to help mow the church’s grass, give Don Ridenbaugh (330-264-0356) your name & phone number.  He’ll call you and let you know what day he’s coming to the church to cut the grass.  (We need people to bring their weed-eaters!) 


Children’s church and Nursery Workers needed.  Contact Amanda McLain (330-347-6548) if you would like to serve in one of these two areas.


Can you smile and shake people’s hands at the same time?  If you can, we need you to be a greeter.  Our church’s goal is to have a greeter at every door before and after our Sunday morning service.  If interested, please call Patrick Sprague (330-567-2053).


Adopt-a-highway.  Help us serve our community by picking up trash along the side of the road.  For more information, please call Patrick Sprague (330-567-2053).


We need people to work The Café.  Every Sunday Morning, before and after the service, we will be serving hot and cold beverages.  If you would like to help work at The Café on Sunday mornings, please speak to Michelle Pierce before or after the service.


Good with Computers?  We need someone to set up a room for the kids.  We already have the computers.  All we need is someone who is willing to install software, parental controls, and eventually set them up in a network with each other and the internet.


Like to Clean?  If you want to help keep our building looking and smelling clean, contact Mid at 264-1503.




Check out the Church Website:  There are a few new features that may be of interest to you or someone you know.  The website is also a great way to communicate with Pastor Matt and the rest of the church.


In case you were wondering…  If you have an emergency, need prayer, or have concerns about the church, and you cannot get in touch with Pastor Matt, please contact one of your Deacons.


Are you ready for some football??  Join the church’s fantasy football league at  League Name: Westwood.  League id: 491378. Password: Jesus. 


Acts 2 Koinonia Groups: 

Be the Church! 

Get to know people better, have fun, study the Bible, encourage each other, pray together, serve alongside each other, eat, worship, etc.


Every Sunday Morning from 9:30-10:15 am.  Leader: Dan Hendricks.  Location: Large Sanctuary.


Every Sunday Morning from 9:30-10:15 am.  Leader: Pastor Matt.  Location: Upstairs classroom.


Every  Wednesday Night from 7-8:15 pm.  Leader: Pastor Matt.  Location: Small Sanctuary.


The first Saturday of every month from 2-4 pm.  Leaders: April & Ryan Stinemetz.  Location:  Their house or Charles Mill Campground.



Servant Schedules


Nursery today: Anna Ammon & Gerry McLain

Nursery Next Week: Patrick & March Sprague

DiscipleLand today: Amanda McLain & Linda Weekley

DiscipleLand Next Week: Kristen Ball & Michelle Finley

Greeters Today: Shirley S. & Jeremy Hill

Greeters Next Week: Pat Morr & Gary Leonard

Wednesday Night Childcare This Week: Paula & Leonard Ball

Wednesday Night Childcare Next Week: Mandy Phillips & Kristen Ball

“Get Connected” Cookies today: Paula & Kristen Ball

“Get Connected” Cookies next week: Linda Weekley

“Get Connected” Visiting today: Allana & Jeremy Hill

“Get Connected” Visiting next week: Alice Bowers


Servant schedules are available @ the church’s website!!!


If you have a prayer concern, call:

Mid @ 330.264.1503, Delores @ 330.264.4007,  Donna @ 330.698.3103, or Pat @ 330.262.5852

You may also use the church website to submit prayer requests.


 Contact Information

Church: 330.264.7031

Pastor: Matt Phillips (H): 330.264.5826 (C): 330.317.8653 E-mail:

Deacons:  Charlie Rex   330.698.3103     Dan Hendricks 330.698.5152


Last Week’s Attendance:   73

Church Finances

Last Weeks Offering: $ 339.25                                July’s giving: $ 4273.67

Monthly budget Need: $ 6,099.50                                     August’s giving so far: $ 2,319.25

YTD Budget Need: $ 46,963.78                              YTD giving: $ 38,593.18


Current checking account balance:         $72.60

Current Savings account balance:           $563.50

Current building maintenance account balance:          $2,602.38


Current Bills waiting to be paid:              $1,524.78