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Bulletin for April 2, 2006
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Welcome to Westwood!

Sunday, April 2, 2006




*Worship with Song*


*Morning Message..................Pastor Matt Phillips*


*Time of Response and Prayer*


If you are visiting with us, we are glad you are here!

It would be an honor if you would fill out a welcome card and place it in the offering basket or exchange it for a candy bar after the service!

The welcome cards can also be used to pass along

prayer concerns, questions, or comments.


Nursery today:  Patrick & March

Children’s Church today: Amanda & Linda

Greeter today:  Shirley & Leonard



                                   Nursery Next Week:  Michelle & Danielle

                                   Children’s Church Next Week:  Mandy & Barb

                                   Greeter Next Week:  Pat & Jeremy



   “Get Connected”

Cookies today:  Pat Morr              Cookies next week:  Mandy Phillips

Visiting today:  Alice Bowers    Visiting next week:  Matt & Mandy





Servant schedules are available @ the church’s website!!!

The Passion of The Christ

As we prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday, tonight we

will be showing The Passion of The Christ at 6pm.


Join us Resurrection Sunday at 9am for a potluck-style breakfast.

Easter Lilies

We would love to give Lilies away to all our visiting families on Resurrection Sunday.  If you would like to help make this happen, please make a special donation of $7.50 per potted flower today.

If you have a prayer concern, call:

Mid @ 330.264.1503, Delores @ 330.264.4007

Donna @ 330.698.3103, or Pat @ 330.262.5852.

In-Home Bible Study

Join us the first Saturday of each month at the home of Ryan and April Stinemetz for a small group Bible Study. We will be studying what the

Bible says about the “End Times.”

Pick up an info flyer in the welcome center.

Sunday morning prayer

Join Deacon Frank in the Pastor's office each Sunday @ 10:15 am

 to pray for your pastor, your church, and those who need Jesus. 

Every great thing God wants to do begins with prayer!

Love to worship the Lord in song?

If the Lord is calling you to help in the music ministries of the church,

please see Pastor Matt ASAP.

Wednesday Bible Study

Come and join us in a study of the book of Philippians-

All are welcome! Childcare is provided!

Notice Anyone Missing?

Please go out of your way this week to contact those who you have not seen in a while.  See how they’re doing & pray with them.

Want to help with adopt a highway 4 times a year?

Sign up in the welcome center.

...continued on the back

This Week at Westwood

Sunday:          Sunday school .....................            9:30   am

                        Prayer .................................  10:15 am

                        Worship Service...................            10:45 am

                        The Passion of Christ....................  6:00   pm

Monday:        Cleaning..............................  9:00   am

Wednesday:  Prayer/ Bible Study .............          7:00   pm

                        Worship Team Practice .......           8:15   pm

















Computer Accessories Needed

Speakers, software and surge protectors are needed for computers that were donated to the church. For info, see Randy Sigler.


If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Westwood family, fill out a welcome card, select the appropriate box on the back of the card and Pastor Matt will schedule a time to meet with you.


Contact Information

Pastor: Matt Phillips

Church: 330.264.7031 Home: 330.264.5826 Cell: 330.317.8653




Deacons:               Charlie Rex    Phone: 330.698.3103

Bonny Murphy Phone: 330.262.2542

Frank Milliron Phone: 330.749.8592

Dan Hendricks Phone: 330.698.5152


March 26th:

Offering: $ 1,198.96             

Monthly budget Need: $ 6,099.50       Month to date giving: $ 4,872.12

   YTD Budget Need: $ 18,298.50            YTD giving: $18,359.22

Attendance: 97