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Bulletin for February 26, 2006
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Welcome to Westwood!

Sunday, February 26, 2006




*Worship with Song*


*Morning Message..................Pastor Matt*


*Time of Response and Prayer*


If you are visiting with us, we are glad you are here! It would be an honor if you would fill out a welcome card and give it to someone after the service.

The welcome cards can also be used to pass along

prayer concerns, questions, or comments.


Nursery today:  Mary Jane & Kristen

Children’s Church today: Mandy & Amanda

Greeter today:  Alice & Jeremy


Nursery Next Week: Patrick & March

Children’s Church Next Week: April & Ryan

Greeter Next Week:  Linda & Danny Weekley



   “Get Connected”

Cookies today:  Betty & Katie      

Cookies next week:  Paula & Kristen

Visiting today:  Matt & Mandy   

Visiting next week:  Charlie & Donna




Servant schedules are available @ the church’s website!!!


Notice Anyone Missing?

Please go out of your way this weak to contact those who have not been to church in a while.  See how they are doing & pray with them.

Directory Pictures

Photos are being taken in the welcome center TODAY for $1.00.

No Family Night tonight

Family night tonight will begin again next week at the new time: 6-8pm!

Come enjoy fun and fellowship- all are welcome!!!

Communion & Baptism Tonight

Join us this evening for a combined communion

and baptism service with Shreve Calvary Baptist Church

at 7pm in the sanctuary.  Bring cookies or a drink to share during a time of fellowship immediately following the service.

Sunday morning prayer

Join Deacon Frank in the Pastor's office each Sunday @ 10:00a.m.

 to pray for your pastor, your church, and those who need Jesus. 

Every great thing God wants to do begins with prayer!

If you have a prayer concern, call:

Mid @ 330.264.1503, Delores @ 330.264.4007

Donna @ 330.698.3103, or Pat @ 330.262.5852.

Want to help with adopt a highway 4 times a year?

Sign up in the welcome center.



New Greeter Schedules

Check your mailbox or online for the new Greeter schedule.

Food Pantry

We have quite a bit of food in the food pantry.  Do you know someone we can be a blessing to?  If so, lets get them some food asap.


If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Westwood family, fill out the welcome card, select the appropriate box on the back of the card and Pastor Matt will schedule a time to meet with you.

Contact Information

Pastor: Matt Phillips

Church: 330.264.7031 Home: 330.264.5826 Cell: 330.317.8653




Deacons:               Charlie Rex    Phone: 330.698.3103

Bonny Murphy Phone: 330.262.2542

Frank Milliron Phone: 330.749.8592

Dan Hendricks Phone: 330.698.5152


February 19th:

Offering: $ 1053.06              

Monthly budget Need: $ 6,099.50      

Month to date giving: $ 4,784.18

YTD Budget Need: $ 10,674.13            

YTD giving: $11,920.64

Attendance: 83




This Week at Westwood

Sunday:          Sunday school .....................            9:30   am

                        Prayer .................................  10:00 am

                        Worship Service...................            10:45 am

                        Communion/Baptism service...    7:00   pm

Monday:        Cleaning..............................  9:00   am

Wednesday:  Prayer/ Bible Study   ...........          7:00   pm

                        Worship Team Practice .......           8:15   pm

Friday:           Ladies Bible Study ..............           10:00 am